Advanced Tube Inspection ET, RFET, IRIS, MFL & NFT

Westech Inspection, Inc. provides a complete tube inspection service with our MultiScan MS5800. This advanced tube inspection system has bundled four inspection technologies into a single unit.  Eddy current, Remote Field ET, IRIS, and MFL.

The ET & RFT is a high-speed, multi-channel, multi-frequency scanning system with advanced reporting and tube sheet mapping software.

The IRIS system is a single channel ultrasonic scanning system with the ability to inspection tubes in a wide range of diameters.

Two Major Advantages

  • We always have the right system for the job.
  • We can use a second tube inspection technology to back up anything found during the primary inspection.

Eddy Current (ECT)

  • Eddy Current is a cost effective and reliable way to
    inspect tubing.
  • Inspect non-ferromagnetic tube and materials.
  • Condensers, feed water heaters, air conditioners,
    chillers, and other heat exchangers
  • Detection and sizing of metal discontinuities such as
    corrosion, erosion, tube-to-tube wear, pitting, fretting,
    cracks, etc.
  • Multi-frequency inspection with mixing and filtering
  • Data is recorded and archived which will allow you to
    track the corrosion rate for each tube.

Remote Field Testing (RFT)

  • Full wall inspection of ferromagnetic tubes
  • Used for the detection and sizing of wall thinning caused by corrosion, erosion, wear, pitting and baffle cuts.
  • Used to inspect boilers, feed water heaters, air coolers,and carbon steel heat exchangers.

Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL)

  • Inspection technique suitable for wall-loss detection and measurement of sharp defects, such as pitting, grooving,
    and circumferential cracks.
  • Applicable to ferromagnetic tubing
  • Effective for testing aluminum-finned carbon steel tubes because the magnetic field is mostly unaffected by the fins.
  • A good Back-up inspection to Remote Field Testing.

Near Field Testing (NFT)

  • Inside diameter testing only
  • Detect corrosion, erosion and pitting inside carbon steel tubing
  • Unaffected by external structures such as tubesheets and support plates
  • Used to inspect Fin Fans tube heat exchangers

Internal Rotating Inspection System (IRIS)

IRIS is an ultrasonic technique used for the inspection of a
wide range of materials, including both non-ferromagnetic and
ferromagnetic tubing.

  • Allows for the detection and sizing of wall loss as a result of corrosion, erosion, tube-to-tube wear, pitting, fretting,
    cracking and baffle cuts.
  • Focused ultrasonic probe and a rotating mirror to produce
    a helical scan.
  • Ultrasound is reflected from the tube ID and OD and the
    time difference is used to calculate the thickness.
  • IRIS is a great backup and verification tool for the other
    tube inspection techniques
  • IRIS data to be presented as a B, C, or D-scan image.

Westech technicians are qualified and certified in accordance with the SNT-TC-1A guidelines and can provide on-site or in-house data interpretation. After data acquisition and analysis are complete, a comprehensive report with a color coded tube sheet map will be issued.


For more information please call us @ 302.737.5370 or Click Here

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