API-653 Above Ground Tank Inspection, STI SP001 Steel tank Institute inspection and PADEP Certified Inspections

Westech employs API-653 Storage Tank Inspectors, STI SP001 Inspectors and PADEP Inspectors in Texas and Delaware serving commercial, government and military facilities around the world. Westech’s inspectors are experienced in all routine internal and external inspections to include settlement surveys and evaluations, variable design point calculations for tanks > 200ft, venting verification, Vacuum Box testing, MFE floor scanning, UT surveys as well over seeing tank repair turnarounds. We use specialized software for generating reports and fitness for service evaluations to facilitates quick turn overs, Reports are normally turned around in less than one week. Please contact us if you would like to see a sample report.

Ultrasonic Prove up of indications

  • Manual Records lowest reading of pitted area
  • B-Scan Displays profile (Side View) of the front and back wall
  • C-Scan Displays a combination of B-Scan data with a Thickness Map of entire area (Corrosion Mapping)

Computerized Crawler / Corrosion Map

VAC Box Weld Inspection

Custom built by Westech Inspection

Corner Welds

Bottom Welds

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